Helping through innovation

Rafi-Tone is the first product from Clin-e-Cal, a company founded through partnership with doctors, university researchers and hospital teams. Clin-e-Cal is dedicated to making rapid improvements for patients through science, technology and clinical research. Ready for us in combination with the Flo-Tone whistle mask in Sept 2016.

Tested at the Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital

The Rafi-Tone app was developed at The University of Manchester by a Consultant/Researcher – the father of a child needing spacers – working in conjunction with a Paediatric Consultant who is an expert in child breathing disorders. It was tested at the Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital, which also helped with the game’s evolution.

A free, limited functionality version of Rafi-Tone (Rafi-Tone Lite) is available from Apple and Android app stores for use with the following prescribed products from Clement Clarke International:

  1. Able Spacer with small mask including Flo-Tone whistle
  2. Small mask including Flo-Tone whistle
The full paid for app version, Rafi-Tone Plus, includes uninterrupted multiple fun games and new characters It is also available from the App stores.

Apple+App-70px Android-App-70px

We do not claim any medical effect for Rafi-tone.

Our overall intent is to help make spacer use more engaging and we hope children might find the app. fun to watch when they are first starting with the whistle mask.

It should not be relied upon to give treatments or used to judge or modify treatments. Treatments should always be according to guidance by a healthcare professional and under adult supervision.