Introducing Trainhaler Buddy™ – a new clinical training tool

Trainhaler Buddy is a companion app to the Trainhaler pMDI training system.

Trainhaler is a pMDI training system which provides flow and co-ordination coaching. A simple device containing no medication or aerosol, Trainhaler is also multi-patient use.

“Brilliant app. Great tool to learn how to use your inhaler correctly.” – Google Play Review, Specialist Research Nurse

“Very good app to correct the method of inhalation” – Google Play Review 

How does Trainhaler Buddy work?

Trainhaler Buddy provides real-time visual feedback on inhalation technique. By listening to and interpreting the acoustic signal emitted by the Trainhaler whistle the app triggers an animation which encourages the user to continue inhaling slowly and gently until the lungs feel full.

The app can be used to train patients in effective technique to embed the habit that they can then transfer to their own active inhaler.

What evidence is there to support the use of Trainhaler Buddy?

In August 2019 a study involving 371 asthma patients was published showing that patients trained using Trainhaler Buddy had improved asthma control compared to verbal counselling alone.

It has long been known that inhaler technique errors can lead to reduced lung deposition and interventions to address this have been advised. Annual reviews with respiratory nurses and pharmacists in which correct technique is described are useful but many patients quickly forget what they are taught and revert to their incorrect habits.

Moreover, it can be difficult to describe and assess some of the more critical steps of inhaler technique such as the speed and length of inhalation and the co-ordination of breathing and actuating the inhaler.

Trainhaler Buddy allows improved assessment of and communication with patients who quickly grasp the critical steps and can then transfer it to their own device. They can even download the app themselves so they can continue practising using the Trainhaler.

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Privacy Notice

The TRAINHALER BUDDY app requires permission to access the device microphone to detect when a tone signal is heard from the Trainhaler device. There is no other use of the microphone data. No microphone data is stored, transmitted or disclosed to the developer or other parties by this app.
When entering the ‘Test’ mode within the app, it will begin processing audio data transmitted from the microphone. The audio processing assesses if specific sounds are being detected by the microphone. Once the specific sound is detected, this triggers a positive response which is registered by the app. This is visualised via the animations on screen. No audio data is transmitted. No information that could be used to identify the individual user is transmitted. 

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