Designed for children age 2-5 using inhalers with a spacer and a mask, Rafi-Tone is a fun app to make inhaler use less scary. It works alongside the Able Spacer and innovative whistle mask specifically designed to encourage good technique and develop confidence.

We have worked alongside clinicians and medical device manufacturers over the past three years to meet the needs of patients. Our technology appears simple, utilising the power of your mobile phone or tablet’s microphone, but behind it all our complex algorithm is at work.

If you’re caring for a child who uses an inhaler with a spacer, our app Rafi-Tone is available now to help your child accept their inhaler medication. For more information about Rafi-Tone, how you can get it and which spacer you will need, please click here.

If you’re a patient using inhalers without a spacer, we have lots of exciting developments in the pipeline which can help you understand the steps needed to take your inhaler effectively. For more information on these, see our research section.

Clip-Tone Buddy

Designed to work with the Clip-Tone E and Clip-Tone F guidance tools for inhaler users over the age of 13 who have been advised by a healthcare professional.

Clip-Tone Buddy provides real-time feedback on overall inhaler technique assessing inhalation effectiveness and the coordination of the canister press. The app also provides a tracker to help the user track their inhaler technique over time.


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