What is Rafi-Tone

helping with spacers

Children are not always the greatest fans of taking medicine or using new treatment devices. We know that many of them feel anxious about inhaling their asthma medication via a spacer. There can be stress and anxiety in both children and parents.

Rafi-Tone is an interactive game developed to help with spacer usage.

We do not claim any medical effect for Rafi-tone -Our overall intent is to help make spacer use more engaging and we hope children might find the app. fun to watch when they are first starting with the whistle mask.

Combining the latest technology with a liberal dose of fun and colour, it has been shown to make spacer use enjoyable.

It should not be relied upon to give treatments or used to judge or modify treatments, which should always be according to guidance by a healthcare professional and under adult supervision.


How Rafi-Tone works


Musical note

When they breathe in properly from their spacers, children hear a musical note. This activates the Rafi-Tone game downloaded on to a smartphone, tablet or PC. The game’s characters interact with the children whenever they breathe properly.


The Rafi-Tone app works on Android phones, Apple iPhones and tablets in conjunction with a specialised whistle medical device from Clement Clarke International, a company with a long history of producing inhaler devices for children. Please note , devices with better microphones such as modern phones and good tablets work much better

The app is driven by the musical note made by the whistle present in the mask used with the spacer device. The whistle is designed to make the musical note when a child inhales through the spacer correctly and with a good seal from the mask. The whistle function is included with the following products from Clement Clarke International

  • Able Spacer with small mask including Flo-Tone whistle
  • Small mask including Flo-Tone whistle

The Rafi-Tone app must only be used as instructed. It must be used under supervision of a responsible adult. It is intended to help children’s experience of inhalers and spacers and should not be used to replace the judgement of an adult supervisor familiar with inhaler and spacer use.


How to use Rafi-Tone

1: select the whistle device to be used

Either Able Spacer with small mask with Flo-Tone whistle, or small mask with Flo-Tone whistle to be used with other spacer device, as illustrated below

Able Spacer with small mask with Flo-Tone whistle
Able Spacer with small mask with Flo-Tone whistle (preferred format)
Whistle mask
Small mask with Flo-Tone whistle

2: download the app

Apple+App-70px Android-App-70px

3: open the app on your tablet, computer or mobile

You can select novice, medium or expert levels by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen. These change how much of the tone sound is needed to activate the game.

At the beginning, easier levels might be better for children who have problems maintaining good seal and technique so they can get used to the idea.

As they start to understand the game, the level should be increased so you can be sure they are using their inhaler correctly.

Stay close to the device you are using and encourage your child to breathe in until a sound is made.

As the sound is made, the start button on the app screen should flash green. When this happens, press Start and move to step 4. Please note , devices with better microphones such as modern phones and good tablets work much better

Note: The whistle is made so that it only makes a noise when used properly. The Rafi-Tone game only reacts to that specific noise. This means that your child needs to take a good breath to make sure there are no air leaks around the mask. If there is no flash, try an easier level.

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4: encourage your child to use the spacer whilst watching the screen

If possible, find a quiet environment with little noise.

Explain to the child that if he or she breathes in properly a sound will be heard that will help Rafi Robot meet his challenge.



How to get Rafi-Tone

Rafi-Tone works with any device fitted with the specialised whistle from Clement Clarke International (Able Spacer with small mask including Flo-Tone whistle, or small mask including Flo-Tone whistle) available on prescription from your GP from September 2016.

A free, limited functionality Rafi-Tone (Rafi-Tone Lite) is available from the Android and Apple app stores for use with the prescribed products. The fully functional Rafi-Tone app (Rafi-Tone Plus) is also available from the Android App Store and the Apple App Store and includes multiple , uninterrupted fun games and new characters .

The Rafi-Tone app

Available from the Android App Store and the Apple App Store – Ready for use in combination with the Flo-Tone whistle mask in Sept 2016.

Apple+App-70px Android-App-70px


Privacy Policy

The Rafi-tone app. collects microphone data only . No other data is collected. The data is only used to detect when a tone signal is heard from specific masks or other specific tone generators. There is no other use of the microphone data. No data is stored , transmitted or disclosed to other parties by this app. No personal, sensitive or identifiable information is stored , transmitted or disclosed to other parties by this app.



More information and instructions for use can be found in the app or may be downloaded here: