What is Clip-Tone Buddy?

Clip-Tone Buddy is a mobile app designed to work with the Clip-Tone E or Clip-Tone F guidance tools designed for inhaler users over the age of 13 who have been advised by a healthcare professional.

Clip-Tone Buddy provides users with real-time feedback on their inhaler technique looking at both the inhalation and timing of the canister press. The app also provides a tracker to help the user understand how their technique is varying over time.

How can I get Clip-Tone Buddy?

Clip-Tone Buddy is available for free from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Clip-Tone Buddy is designed to work specifically with Clip-Tone E and Clip-Tone F guidance attachments for pMDIs available Clement Clarke International

Your Privacy

No personal, sensitive or identifiable information is stored, transmitted or disclosed to the developer or other parties by this app.

For full information on how we protect and manage your data please view our company Privacy Policy.

Extra Information

Clip-Tone Buddy is classified as a medical device accessory under the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and has a CE mark to demonstrate it conforms to the regulations.

We do not claim any clinical benefit from the use of Clip-Tone Buddy. Clip-Tone Buddy should not be relied upon to give treatments or used to judge or modify treatments, which should always be according to guidance by a healthcare professional and under adult supervision.

More information and instructions for use can be found in the app or may be downloaded here:

For previous versions of these instructions please see here.

To obtain a paper version of these instructions please contact us at info@clin-e-cal.com

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